What Causes Spider Veins and How You Can Get Rid of Them

If you’re looking at small squiggly red or blue lines crawling up your legs just underneath your skin, you’re looking at spider veins. They certainly don’t look good with shorts or dresses. The good news is that laser technology can rid you of these unwelcome “guests” making an appearance all over your legs.

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins may pop up on your legs for a number of reasons.


If family members have spider veins, you may develop them, too. Our genes play a powerful role in our body’s appearance.


You’ve never noticed long red or blue veins on your legs previously, but since you became pregnant, they’ve popped up. Changes in your hormones can cause spider veins to develop during pregnancy.

Work environment

If you work as a teacher, a hairdresser, in retail, or any other occupation that involves standing for long periods, such as work in a factory, you’re susceptible to developing spider veins in your legs.


If you’re significantly overweight, you’re more prone to spider veins than someone of a normal weight. Those excess pounds place a lot of pressure on your veins.


If you’re predisposed to spider veins because of genetics or a work environment that requires standing up for long periods of time, aging adds another factor that puts you at greater risk of developing them. Between 30% and 60% of adults develop spider veins as they get older.

Are spider veins dangerous?

As with any physical symptom that appears on your body that wasn’t there previously, you want to be sure you’re still healthy. Spider veins are almost always harmless. Spider veins are different than varicose veins, which are large, bulging veins that make your skin bumpy. If you have large varicose veins, you may need to be followed by a medical professional, because sometimes they can lead to clots.  

Spider veins can appear on your face as well as your legs. If you’re with people all day long and appearance is important to your job, you’re likely motivated to seek for a remedy to reduce their appearance. Even if you work behind a desk, prominent spider veins on your face and legs can affect your self-confidence. There are safe, effective ways to rid yourself of unsightly spider veins with today’s modern medical technology.

What is the most effective treatment for spider veins?   

Physicians used to treat spider veins with sclerotherapy, which involves injecting a salt solution into the veins. Thankfully, we have better answers today. Perfect SK uses advanced laser treatment to eliminate those unwanted spider veins.

How does laser therapy work?

Perfect SK uses the patented Cynosure laser system to remove your spider veins. Your physician holds the laser directly over the affected area and its powerful energy passes through your skin’s surface to the veins. The energy emitted by the laser congeals the blood in the veins and then destroys them. It delivers a precise amount of energy to the area being treated without harming your skin. Your lymphatic system removes the remains of the veins from your body over a period of weeks. You now have smooth skin without those unsightly veins.

Is there discomfort during treatment?

You may experience pings such as the feeling of a rubber band tapping your skin during the laser treatment. Your Perfect SK provider can apply a numbing solution to your skin prior to the procedure to lessen any concerns about discomfort.

Is spider vein treatment long-lasting?

Yes! Treatment with the Cynosure laser system provides you with long-lasting results. We can’t make an ironclad guarantee that they’ll never return, but you’ll have smooth skin for the foreseeable future.  

Call or book an appointment online with Perfect SK Medical Laser Center for expert spider vein removal.

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