Laser Away Brown Spots and Other Summer Skin Damage

Summer is ending and, though many will miss the sunshine and warm temperatures, that time on the beach may be taking its toll on your skin. Despite your sunscreen and moisturizing efforts, exposure to the elements, including ultraviolet radiation, wind, and sand can make changes to your complexion, both color and texture. Although the smooth glow of a summer tan is welcome, certain skin types are prone to clumps of melanin, the skin pigment that causes tanning. When this pigment clusters, you may develop those dreaded sun spots.

Recent developments in aesthetic technology offer new ways to treat these skin discolorations, using the power of laser light. Lasers have unique properties that prove ideal for fast, patient-friendly skin rejuvenation. PerfectSK Medical Laser Center uses the Cynosure® Apogee©+ aesthetic workstation to address your skin discoloration. Here’s how aesthetic lasers like the Apogee+ work.

Collagen induction

The secret to fading skin discolorations isn’t really a secret at all. Treatments such as dermabrasion and harsh chemical peels have a long history of improving skin tone and promoting even pigmentation. The problem is that treatments that get the best results do much damage to your outer skin to start a process called collagen induction in the middle layers of your skin. There are milder alternatives to these conventional procedures, but results are generally milder, too.

Recovery times are long and painful as your outer skin heals. Since the discoloring pigment resides in the middle layers, you could effectively fade sun spots if there were a way to skip the surface skin and address these middle layers, where collagen, elastin, and other skin support tissues are found.

Collagen induction is a process by which existing collagen is damaged in a controlled way to signal your body that new tissue is needed. As it turns out, the body perceives collagen damage when it’s raised about 10 degrees above normal body temperature. This starts the induction process. Damaged tissue begins being flushed out as new tissue takes its place. With the old collagen go skin flaws, such as those clumps of melanin that cause dark spots. That’s not all. You’ll notice softer, smoother skin with fine lines and wrinkles reduced in appearance, all from your body’s own regenerative ability.

The powers of laser light

The Apogee+ laser system uses light energy as the way to start the collagen-induction process. Lasers tune light energy to a single wavelength, allowing the energy to pass through your outer skin without effect. Collagen in the middle layer, however, absorbs this light energy and gently starts to warm. When it reaches the coagulation point, collagen induction begins.

With no damage to your skin’s surface, an Apogee+ treatment leaves you free to go about your day. There’s no need to stop your busy life as your skin heals from sun spot treatment. The Apogee+ laser is effective on moles, birthmarks, freckles, and many other skin discolorations. Though results vary depending on your skin type, contemporary cosmetic lasers can be optimized to meet your skin’s needs.

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