Holiday Parties: Another Great Reason to Minimize Wrinkles with Laser Therapy

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While shopping for the perfect holiday party dress, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories to light up the festive season party circuit, consider adding laser therapy to your to-do list. You may balk at the idea of adding another item to your endless list of holiday tasks, but laser treatment can help your skin look smooth and sparkle brighter than a tree topper. And, the effects will last as you ring in the New Year and throughout 2019, and beyond.

Let’s face it. We’ve all spent too much time in the sun and weren’t as careful as we should’ve been with sun protection. With all that frolicking in the pool and ocean, we caused some damage to our skin along the way.

Fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots are reliable signs of aging. Fortunately, you can reduce these signs – and roll back father time by several years – with state-of-the-art laser therapy skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction treatments. Note: laser therapy is not just for women. Men, you, too, can improve your appearance for holiday parties.

How does laser therapy work?

At PerfectSK Medical Laser Center, our highly skilled providers, who are members of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, use Cynosure® advanced laser technology, including its most current cutting-edge laser, the Apogee Elite. This laser treatment transmits pulses of light to penetrate the skin’s sub-layers. These light pulses heat the sub-layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production.   

Collagen is a protein that supports your body’s tissues. Both collagen and elastin, which decrease as you get older, support your skin structure, giving it a firm, youthful look.

A laser therapy treatment improves your skin with little downtime and few side effects. After your treatment, you may experience some redness, but most people return to their normal daily activities immediately following the procedure. Some people require multiple treatments spaced about a month apart, while others see the improvement they want after only one treatment.

With no downtime, you won’t need to schedule laser therapy far in advance of a holiday party. Laser therapy not only minimizes wrinkles, but it can help fade the appearance of age spots and sun damage.

How will laser therapy improve my skin?

Laser therapy can treat all your problem spots. Most people notice fine lines around their eyes and mouths. Laser therapy can minimize wrinkles in your most prominent areas including:

In addition to minimizing wrinkles, the collagen production boost can help tighten your skin and improve your skin’s overall appearance. The Cynosure laser works on all skin tones and types.

Laser therapy treatments can help you look as young as you feel. They can help counter the effects of years of sun exposure, loss of collagen and elastin, and improve your skin’s tautness and elasticity. Glowing, smooth skin is the best party accessory.


For more information on how you can minimize wrinkles and fine lines and look your best for holiday parties, call PerfectSK Medical Laser Center in Mansfield, Texas, or make an appointment online.

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